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"A colleague recommended Andrea’s Thyroid Healing Program when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Literally, after two months of following her recommendations, my bloodwork showed my thyroid was working optimally again. That was five years ago and my thyroid continues to be beautifully balanced! I love how Andrea not only addresses physical factors, but also teaches the importance of healing emotional stress and rebalancing your entire system at every level. I highly recommend this beautiful program"! - Roos  

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There is an abundance of misinformation about thyroid disease being leaked out into the world. Don't believe the hype! Get the facts to increase your energy, lose unwanted weight, and heal your thyroid.  


If you have been told you cannot heal your thyroid naturally, keep the faith! Many people, just like you, have been told the same thing, but it's simply not true. If you still have your thyroid gland, you can kickstart it into action with the right nutrients.  


Gain valuable insight to make the best and most delicious dietary choices to stop suffering, and start healing your thyroid condition naturally.  


You do NOT need to remain on costly medication for the rest of your life. Once you get to the root cause, the weight will melt away, energy will naturally increase and you'll discover that supporting the thyroid is easy. 

Hello, I'm Andrea Beaman, internationally renowned holistic health coach, natural foods chef and herbalist.  

From healing my own debilitating thyroid disease, and with over two decades of professional experience working with people and helping them heal as well, I am firm believer that you can support your body using natural methods and heal your thyroid.  

But, for natural healing to be successfully implemented we need to weed through the bullcrap, get the facts, and understand the body, and our thyroid, more deeply. 

Healing the thyroid is not about taking supplemental iodine or other isolated nutrients, or by suppressing symptoms with thyroid medication. It’s about making conscious choices to support and heal the body from multi-level approach.  

You will learn how to do that in this practical guide.  

Andrea Beaman

What People are Saying...

"After following Andrea’s recommendations very diligently, my TSH number went from 7.25 to 3.11 in 3 months!" - Eugenia

"Lots of info that I keep referring back to. As a result of following the advice of Andrea and her course, I have reduced my thyroid meds in four months.." - Deborah

“I have made a decision to wean myself off my thyroid medications, and having Andrea’s suggestions and guidelines at my disposal makes me move forward confidently and trustingly. I so appreciate that Andrea touches not only on the nutritional/physical aspects of thyroid health, but also on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of wellness. These are elements that are typically overlooked, yet they are the only true holistic approach to health.” - Heiki

Learn the truth about thyroid disease and stop suffering.