Organ and Meridian Assessment eBook

Download this FREE guide on organ and meridian assessment to enhance your skills on prevention and healing

Organ and Meridian Assessment eBook

Download this FREE guide on organ and meridian assessment to enhance your skills on prevention and healing

Expand your knowledge to boost your confidence and income.

"While at IIN I heard one of Andrea's classes and loved her positivity and her bubbliness. I signed up for The New Healers Master Coaching program because I felt it would expand my knowledge of the human body and how it works.  It fit perfectly with what I had learned at IIN.


The New Healer's Program has become a resource that I use when I have questions about my health or the health of others around me. When friends or family discuss a certain health issue I am able to ask them deeper questions that help them realize where the root of their ache might actually be.


The New Healers Program opened up to me a whole new venue of knowledge about the human body and how to explore it. I loved learning about the meridians, the organs, the herbs and the foods that keep us healthy and positive as sojourners on this earth. At IIN, we covered Bio-Individuality. I think the New Healer's Program complements what we learned about Bio-individuality". 

- Maria Engel

Expand your knowledge to boost your confidence and income.

In This FREE Guide You Get Immediate Access to:


Ancient healing wisdom is making a much needed comeback in the world today. What was considered "quackery" is now scientifically proven that using food as medicine and herbal remedies to promote health works. The human body, when given what it needs, functions optimally. Discover how to access and use this wisdom with your clients.  


Healthcare is shifting! More and more people are seeking alternative health, integrative practitioners, and health coaches to get their body and mind into a healthier and happier state of being. Use these time-tested techniques to become the expert that guides clients to their ultimate success.


Use these easy tips to gain the insight needed to make the best dietary, herbal, and lifestyle choices and create highly effective healing protocols for yourself and your clients. 


Incorporate these simple techniques into your practice to boosts your confidence and ability to work with a wide variety of people, including the most challenging. This ultimately helps you create a thriving practice, that helps many more people in the world. 

Hello, I'm Andrea Beaman, internationally renowned holistic health coach, natural foods chef and herbalist.  

As a masterful Health Coach, I will guide you toward becoming an expert while turning your Health Coaching career into a thriving business - one that will give your clients valuable resources and support to achieve their health goals.

After successfully healing my own health conditions using food as medicine and integrative healing techniques, I quit my corporate job to dedicate my life and career to teaching others these wise healing practices. 

I have created, and continue to sustain, a thriving and fulfilling business, and have been teaching this knowledge to fellow practitioners for over two decades.

Andrea Beaman

What People are Saying

"I graduated from IIN and signed up for New Healers Master Coaching to gain more knowledge into assessing symptoms. I feel I learned a lot about chakras, meridians, and face readings, which helped enhance my knowledge when I have a symptom or a client to help support the right part of the body. I would recommend the program to IIN graduates because I learned so much in such a short period through Andrea and always want to learn more. It gave me the necessary skills to point a client in the right direction. It was really eye opening".

- Erin Weaver

After seeing Andrea teach a few of our IIN classes, I was extremely interested in her coaching and I loved her upbeat, fun attitude.  I decided to take the next step and sign up for the New Healers course. The classes were amazing.  I loved the facial recognition as well as the two perspectives of chakras versus meridians. I printed all the course material into a binder and refer to it often for symptom assessment and the question/answers for the different chakras when looking for causes of imbalances.


New Healers gave me the missing piece to my health coaching as far as linking mind, body, spirit imbalances to symptoms, etc. I received continued support from the program and would definitely recommend the class to IIN grads
- Heidi Meier

I graduated with the 2013 class IIN and then took New Healers. Loved it all !!  I enjoyed Andrea's teachings and it also helped me deepen my coaching practice. I love her spunk and enthusiasm. I recommend Andrea’s courses for IIN graduates. Thank you Andrea for your insights, support and actually replying to posts and messages. Keep up the good work.

- Erika Remnant

"The program has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the body in a way I’ve been searching for. It has increased my confidence as a health coach and yoga teacher because it has given me a way to connect what the spiritual body is communicating with the manifestation of symptoms in the physical body. It also has given me tangible tools and a more concrete idea of where to start that will make the most impact for clients." - Candace Carlson, Sacramento, CA

Become a Masterful Health Coach.