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"What I am learning is awesome and very fulfilling and yes extremely exciting. I know I have turned down a new path in my life and it is thrilling. I am connecting all the loose ends I have had for so many years. A lot of “Ah-ha” moments that make my mind run with ideas and new concepts. Stimulated is the word and it’s a new world of healing. Thanks Andrea for doing this!" - Theresa  

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Ancient healing wisdom is making a much needed comeback in the world today. What was once considered "quackery" is now scientifically proven as truth in healing (food as medicine, energy healing, herbal remedies, etc.). The human body, when given what it needs to heal, functions optimally. Discover how to access and use this wisdom with your clients.  


Healthcare is shifting! More and more people are seeking alternative health practitioners and health coaches to help them get their body and mind into a healthier and happier state of being. Using these time-tested techniques, you'll become the expert that guides them to their ultimate success.


Gain the insight you need to make the best dietary, herbal and lifestyle choices to create highly effective healing protocols for your clients. 


As you incorporate these techniques into your practice, it boosts your confidence and ability to work with a wide variety of clients, including the most challenging. This ultimately helps you create a thriving practice, that helps many more people in the world. 

Hello, I'm Andrea Beaman, internationally renowned holistic health coach, natural foods chef and herbalist.  

As a masterful Health Coach, I will guide you toward becoming an expert while turning your Health Coaching career into a thriving business - one that will give your clients valuable resources and support to achieve their health goals.  

After successfully healing my own health conditions using food as medicine and alternative healing techniques, I quit my corporate job to dedicate my life and career to teaching others these wise healing practices. 

I have created, and continue to sustain, a thriving and fulfilling business and have been teaching this knowledge to clients and fellow practitioners around the world for over two decades.

Andrea Beaman

What People are Saying About Andrea

"The New Healers Coaching Program is an excellent addition any health & wellness professional's toolbox. Andrea Beaman's authenticity, vibrant energy, inspiring attitude, wholebody approach to optimal wellness is enlightening, intuitive, empowering, practical & applicable. The program provides the recipient a set of tools that expose the unequivocal value of lifestyle changes. Andrea is a beacon of light who shares her Authenticity, experiences, laughter, knowledge and constantly reminds us the recipients that we too are beacons of light for ourselves and others....great program." - Ricky Vera

"The New Healers Master Coaching program was a great addition to my knowledge and practice as a Health Coach. I am always looking for ways to expand what I already know to help myself, my family and my clients. Andrea is a wealth of knowledge and I cannot get enough of her laugh - she makes me smile every time ;-) Thank you for all your advice, tips and of course the course content." - Caryn O'Sullivan

"Andrea, There is more than enough info in this course to keep me full for awhile! The part I loved most is this last I've had ideas about how to make some money while I'm still healing and learning. There were many parts that I thought were interesting and can carry me, and there were other parts that were convicting, ie, I need to keep focusing on myself and that I can heal and not use anyone or anything as an excuse to stay the same or ignore what I need to do. This class motivates me to get out there and support my healing process. Thanks for sharing your story and your process." - Deborah Leue-Fokos

Become a Masterful Health Coach.