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  • Access to time-tested healing knowledge
  • Confidence in your ability to care for yourself and others
  • Unparalleled group support
  • Fun and engaging monthly challenges
  • Reduction in medical bills
  • Freedom from the peer pressure of conventional medicine
  • Connection with a lively community of like-minded individuals
  • Access to discounts on courses, retreats, and other exciting events
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The Health is Wealth Community

A monthly membership of valuable resources, and support to

take control of your healthcare in the most delicious ways.

Unlock a wealth of knowledge in our exclusive

Health is Wealth Community.

See what our members are saying...

"Yay, I’m here with all of you! Been following AB for years and last couple years have been taking every course and enjoying every call! Now there’s a community? I’m all IN! Can’t wait to learn even more, to keep adding life to my clients, my families and my days! I’m crazy mad about holistic health! Woohooo!"

- Lillian Murray

"I loved this lesson! It was probably the best explanation I've heard about why local and seasonal eating is important and how our bodies respond to it. Thank you Andrea! I plan to go back and watch this many times so I'm better able to explain to others".

- Maureen A Tignor

"Loved this session. Honestly, these changes have made the biggest difference in how I feel. Thanks Andrea"!

- Donna Ellis

Membership Value

Experience the amazing benefits of the Health is Wealth Community

valued at over $1,012 for only $79.

  • Monthly LIVE event with Andrea ($498)
  • Cooking classes ($60)
  • Library of wellness classes ($250)
  • Members only newsletter ($50)
  • Community forums to ask questions ($97)
  • Presentations, recipes, remedies ($57)
  • Inspiration to achieve your goals (priceless!)

Value: $1,012 per month

Your price is less than $80!

Monthly membership

$79 (monthly)

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Annual Membership

Regularly $948

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*Two months free

Our members are excited to be on the inside:

"Thanks Andrea - Loved this session! Great info and reminder how important the Pineal Gland and Circadian Rhythms are! Thanks for all your heartfelt wisdom and practical suggestions!"

- Louise Kulig

Transform your healthcare to get empowered


LIVE Q&A with Andrea
Connect with Andrea and other members during LIVE events and get answers to achieve improved health and vitality.

A wide variety of topics are covered based on time of year, current health events, and time-tested strategies to prevent disease.

Not available when the events go live? We'll record it for you to watch at your convenience.


Cooking Classes

Gain step-by-step culinary techniques, seasonal food knowledge, and natural healing recipes every month.

Andrea will prepare delicious and nourishing meals for you to follow along with a recipe and video.

You can access all videos and recipes on the membership site whenever you need a hit of inspiration.


Online Library of Presentations & Classes
Recorded video presentations on a wide variety of health topics to review in our community.

We house and categorize all presentations in an online library that is always available to members.

See further below for some topics we cover.


"The Digest"- monthly tips on wellness

Covering how to improve your longevity, health trends, and how to escape big pharma influences so you can make your own health decisions.

This is an exclusive newsletter created for our members and delivered monthly with easy strategies to improve your health and feel empowered.


Community Supported Chat

Take advantage of our community supported chat as a way to connect with the Andrea Beaman team and like minded members.

This is a safe space to engage with others looking to improve their health naturally and support one another with health challenges,
without fear of being canceled or ridiculed.

Yes! I want to join the Health is Wealth Community

Want a sneak peek inside?

Online Library: Topics Covered

  • Improving Vitality
  • Digestive Health
  • Heart Health
  • Respiratory Remedies
  • Cold and Flu Season
  • Relieving allergies
  • Cancer Prevention
  • The Endocrine System
  • Liver Cleansing and Detox
  • Immunity Support
  • Seasonal Eating
  • Hormonal Health
  • Food and Herbs as Medicine

"Just watched the Cancer Prevention and Healing cooking class and it was amazing (as usual). My biggest take away is that I've been cooking my mushrooms wrong! LOL I've always sauteed in oil, but will start cooking in liquid now"!

- Maureen Tignor

Members learn to...


using our in-depth, online wellness library and LIVE events with Andrea


knowing they can make their own decisions on how to heal illness naturally and effectively

through our involved community spaces to connect and ask questions

with healing wisdom, a no-nonsense approach, knowledge, and support

"Thank you Andrea. It's reassuring to know there are natural remedies and experiences to consider. Your support has been a big help and I'm feeling more confident managing this"

Aisha Alkuwari

"Andrea is a walking nutrition guide. I'm impressed with her knowledge of all things nutritional. I highly recommend her classes for anyone interesting in learning more about how to make food your medicine."

- Julie

Andrea is very, very knowledgeable about all aspects of health and natural healing. Also, she has a gift of being able to explain things simply and clearly, so you totally understand. In my opinion, Andrea Beaman is the best holistic instructor."

- Katheen

"Andrea is extremely knowledgeable about how to heal the body with food. She helps me understand my body and makes me think of ways to support myself and my family so we have a healthier life."

- Denice

Membership Value

Experience the benefits of the Health is Wealth Community membership.

Valued at over $1,012 for only $79.

  • LIVE events with Andrea ($498)
  • Monthly cooking classes ($60)
  • Library of wellness videos ($250)
  • Exclusive newsletter for members only ($50)
  • Community-supported group to ask questions to other members, the AB team, and Andrea ($97)
  • Presentations, recipes, remedies ($57)
  • Inspiration to achieve your goals (priceless!)

Value: $1,012 per month

Your price is less than $80!

Monthly membership

$79 (monthly)

Annual Membership

Regularly $948 per year

Get access now for $790*

*Two months free

Meet Andrea Beaman

Successfully healing my own "incurable" disease using food and natural therapies was the catalyst that transformed my health and life. For over 25 years my passion and wisdom has helped so many people improve their health. I look forward helping you to achieve this, too!

Many clients and students have been requesting a "membership" where they can easily refer to my teachings and gain access to new material on natural healing and ongoing support from me.

One of the best ways to stay on track with our health is to have check-ins from our mentors (accountability) and easy-access to knowledge. This was my inspiration for creating The Health is Wealth Community.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Wishing you vibrant health,
Andrea Beaman
HHC, Herbalist, CHEF

How Will The Health is Wealth Community
Support You?

  • Empower you with delicious recipes and healthy living techniques
  • Enjoy freedom to discuss and learn alternative healing options without censorship
  • Engage with a community of like-minded people seeking natural healing tools for a lifetime of wellness
  • Enhance your confidence using food and herbs as medicine
  • Exclusive access and discounts to yearly retreats and programs to advance your wellness
happiness and community


Who should sign up for the membership? The membership is ideal for health-seekers, health coaches, nutritionists, wellness practitioners and people looking to improve their health and longevity using natural approaches and to share this knowledge with others/clients. Members receive guidance and are given tools they can use for a lifetime to benefit their overall health. 

My schedule is busy! Will this membership be too much to handle? Not at all. All of the online resources are recorded for you to watch at your convenience.  The monthly live events are also recorded for you to watch whenever you are ready.

What are the highlighted benefits members receive? Members get to speak with Andrea LIVE monthly, gain access to an online library of natural healing presentations, monthly online cooking classes, and access to "The Digest," a monthly newsletter curated with wellness tips. We also have an online community to engage with all Health is Wealth members.

Are we able to engage with Andrea or is the full membership recorded? Yes, all members have the option to speak with Andrea monthly during her LIVE events/chats. There will be a new topic to discuss every month and students get the chance to ask Andrea their questions.

When will the LIVE Q&A Sessions with Andrea occur? The last week of every month.

Are the LIVE classes with Andrea recorded? Yes, if you cannot make it to the live class we will share the recording inside the membership portal.

How often are new cooking classes added to the course? Every month, new cooking classes are added to your course section of the membership along with a presentation and recipes to follow.

How many classes will we receive in the membership? After one full year of membership, members get access to approximately 20-30 presentations. As mentioned above, every month we will release new presentations.

What are some of the topics covered in the online library? Have a look above in the section covering "Topics Covered". We have a wide variety to assist individuals to achieve their health goals.

Can we pause or withdraw from the membership at any point? Yes, members have the capability to pause or end their membership. We do run on a monthly basis and anticipate students will stay in the program continuously as new content is shared every month.

How long will I have access to the cooking classes and all other resources? As long as you are enrolled as a member, you will always have access to the monthly LIVE Q&A's with Andrea, the cooking classes, the online library, The Digest, members' monthly newsletter, and the community chat on your membership dashboard.

Is any of the content available to the public? No. All of the content has been curated and designed specifically for our community members only.

Do you offer a full refund policy? No. Members are allowed to withdraw at any point. Your monthly billing cycle will end after you have given 30 days notice that you would like to withdraw.

How do I know I’m getting a big bang for my buck?  

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Andrea
  • Cooking classes with recordings and recipes
  • Online library of video presentations covering natural healing
  • Exclusive newsletter specifically for the Health is Wealth Community
  • Ongoing community supported chat
  • Continued knowledge for a lifetime of wellness.
  • Your cost: $79 a month

Ready to embrace a life of wellness?

Join the Health is Wealth Community today and unlock a world of knowledge, support, and community.