Choose private health coaching to improve your life. 

One-on-one personal guidance to support you through diet and lifestyle adjustments designed to help you live a better life and achieve your health and wellness goals. 


"Having someone like Andrea Beaman to learn from and look up to is a gift indeed."

 - Lucindah Ruh, Professional Figure Skater


"I have so enjoyed working with you. You are so inspirational, motivating, and darn good at what you do!! I’ve learned so much in this short time, and I am totally enjoying trying out new recipes each week. Very cool, too, my Mr. Meat & Potatoes husband is also enjoying the awesome recipes and has already dropped considerable weight. I feel great, am loving the journey, and most important, am on a path that will last a lifetime! Andrea Beaman ~ YOU ROCK!!"

  — Catherine Mills, MA  


"Meeting Andrea Beaman has truly changed my life. She has opened my eyes to simple truths about health and wellness. I used to regard my body as something that was constantly breaking down and in dire need of frequent tune ups consisting of over-the-counter pain medication. Andrea has shown me that my body is a wonderful machine that will heal itself if I give it the proper fuel – nutritionally and spiritually." 

 — Jason Poole (musician) 


"The immediate change I noticed was increased energy, and I lost weight very quickly. I would recommend working with Andrea to anyone suffering from an auto-immune disease, or anybody that has poor nutrition and is looking for a healthy start."  

— Nawal Tabet, Entrepreneur


  • Private coaching sessions via phone, Skype, Facetime or Google hangouts
  • Unlimited email support with a 48-hour turnaround
  • Personal eating plan with menus designed for your needs
  • Ongoing motivational and emotional support
  • Herbal remedies and natural healing protocols to heal what's ailing you 
  • Lifestyle adjustments to build a lifetime of wellness


BRONZE PACKAGE 1 month of coachng 


SILVER PACKAGE 3 months of coaching 


GOLD PACKAGE 6 months of coaching 


 Get started on a better path

  • Discover the diet and lifestyle habits that contrbuted to your current lack of health and the steps to reverse this
  • Identify bodily patterns that could lead to future illness and how to avert potential disease 
  • Action plan to achieve your ideal weight, strengthen the body and rebalance your system
  • Reduce pain and inflammation  
  • Personal menus catered to your specific bodily needs
  • Herbal protocols to alleviate current symptoms
  • Participate in your healing process to become empowered 
  • Get inspired to take back your health and feel your best 
  • Build the foundation for your ultimate wellness
  • 2 one-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support with 48 hour turn-around
  • Cost: $997

Stronger support and guidance 

  • Includes everything in the BRONZE package plus...
  • Adjusted dietary menus to support new bodily patterns
  • Tweak herbal protocols for more successful healing
  • Go deeper to uncover emotional blocks to optimum health
  • Release old behavior patterns and start fresh
  • Create easy and sustainable routines to improve vitality 
  • Incorporate new habits to achieve long-term health goals
  • Take charge of your health 
  • Become fully empowered to lead a happier life
  • On going inspiration and motivational support
  • Foundation for your best life are now in place
  • Regain confidence to be healthy and happy
  • Books to inspire you: The Whole Truth – How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health and You Can Too! The Eating and Recipe Guide – Better Food, Better Health
  • 6 one-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support with 48 hour turn around
  • Cost: $2,697 
  • Savings: $295

Lasting changes for a lifetime of wellness 

  • Includes everything in BRONZE and SILVER package plus...
  • Continued support tweaking your dietary and herbal protocols for long term health and vitality
  • Recognize and release old behavior patterns that no longer serve you 
  • Accountability for your life and optimizing your health
  • Understand your own bodily patterns to create a lifetime of better choices
  • Long-term inspiration and motivational support to keep you steady on your path to wellness
  • Foundation is in place for a fullfilling, happy and disease-free life 
  • Eliminate reliance on pharmaceutical medication 
  • Reduce medical bills and doctor's visits 
  • Live pain free and healthy
  • Confidence in your body's ability to naturally heal
  • Clarity and upbeat outlook on life and future ahead 
  • Inspirational books: The Whole Truth – How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health and You Can Too! The Eating and Recipe Guide – Better Food, Better Health. And, Health is Wealth - Make a Delicious Investment in You!
  • 12 one-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support and 24 hour turnaround
  • Cost: $5,197
  • Savings: $785

BRONZE PACKAGE 1 month of coachng 

SILVER PACKAGE 3 months of coaching 

GOLD PACKAGE 6 months of coaching 


Who should sign up for health coaching? Health coaching is ideal for individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing or someone who has a specific health issues they are looking to improve and heal naturally.  

How much time should I plan to invest in private health coaching? Andrea suggests putting in 3-5 hours a week towards the recommendations she provides. Remember, that your health is your best investment and you are worth it!  

Will Andrea provide tools to use in everyday life that will help me improve my health? Yes, Andrea will offer suggestions to assist you in your everyday life. For example- easy recipes to enhance energy and meditation techniques to lower your stress levels.  

For the private coaching sessions, what will Andrea cover? It depends on the client and what they are comfortable with. Some topics cover background lifestyle, the psychology behind decision making, everyday challenges, stress management, cooking techniques and much more. 

What if I can't make a scheduled session? 24 hours advance notice of cancellation is required.  

Can I contact you at other times other than our scheduled sessions? Yes, you have unlimited contact with me during the work week (Mon-Fri) via email and I will respond within 48 hours.  

Do you have an installment plan for health coaching? Yes, installment plans can be available for 3 month (silver) and 6 month (gold) coaching packages. Please send an email to and we will be happy to work with you on an installment plan.  


"Working with Andrea has been a blessing. She is helping me tweak my diet so that I can feel my optimal best. She does it in a very compassionate way and she answers questions fast. You can tell she really likes what she does. She is also very professional, which I really appreciate with my busy schedule."

— MB from Forest Hills, NY

"Andrea can help. Do you want to improve your health? Do you want someone who will listen and suggest things you can do to take control of your health? Andrea has done this for me. Her knowledge of eastern, western, nutritional, and herbal approaches helped me to improve my digestion and peace of mind." 

- Vicky Mitchell from Kalamazoo, Michigan

BRONZE PACKAGE 1 month of coachng 

SILVER PACKAGE 3 months of coaching 

GOLD PACKAGE 6 months of coaching 

If you have any questions or concerns about the coaching email me at and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.